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Snow Removal tips

Invest in a Good Shovel

When it comes to efficient, effective, and safe snow removal, a high-quality shovel is your best friend. There are countless cheap shovels on the market, but do yourself a favor and spend a little more for something a little nicer.

Find a shovel that is a comfortable fit for your height and body structure and also is a good match for the amount of ground you will be clearing. Shovels come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to take your time in finding the right one for your specific needs.

Use Snow Stakes to Mark the Areas you will be Clearing

Snow can pile up fast in the Alberta and, as such, marking the outside edges of the areas you will be clearing can be very beneficial. Snow stakes can help commercial plow companies and street cleaners avoid burying your driveway or walkways.

Similarly, if you will be clearing your own walkways and driveways the stakes will help you both maximize efficiency when moving snow and avoid unintentionally tearing up your lawn or surrounding area with a snow blower.

Shovel Early, Shovel Often

Perhaps the best strategy when it comes to DIY snow removal is to stay ahead of winter storms. Instead of letting meters of snow pile up before removing it, make it a point to shovel throughout a winter storm. This will translate to lighter loads and more efficient snow removal.

Don’t Neglect the Ice

While snow buildup certainly provides an inconvenience, it is the ice underneath that can cause the real problems. Icy walkways are slippery and can be hard to notice, creating unforeseen hazards for anyone traveling on these surfaces.

While you may be exhausted after clearing storm snow, don’t head inside just yet. Make sure to double check that all of your walkways are clear of ice – something much more dangerous than a little powdery snow.

Use Salt or Sand to your Advantage

One thing that will make your snow removal process much easier is by diligently applying salt or sand to your walkways before snowfalls. By doing so, you will promote melting and prevent the buildup of hard-pack snow and ice.

Many cities and neighborhoods differ in what they allow people to use for this purpose, so be sure to check with your local authorities before committing to a substance.

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